Frequently Asked Questions

lieferungWe send our Maniacs as pre-cut and pre-perforated pieces, which you can then assemble into the actual 3D model. Those parts get packed into a solid envelope and get sent to you together with a detailed step-by-step instruction and a testobject. If your order is above 30€ in value, you will also get an UHU crafting glue.


We put a self-adhesive hook to each of our Maniacs.
You simply have to put a nail or tack into your wall and attach the model to it.


bastelkleberYou get the best results with a transparent-drying not to thin glue. We send you an UHU crafting glue with each order when you spend 30€ or more. This glue does neither dry too fast nor too slow, just in the right amount of time to adjust the flaps perfectly. We also recommend to put some glue onto a piece of paper and to use toothpicks to spread the glue onto the flaps. Nevertheless you can use the glue directly out of the tube, but keep in mind to apply a rather thin layer to avoid messy waves and glue-stains on your model!

Our Maniacs vary widely in their level of difficulty. You can craft our more simple and small models – like the pumpkin – in 1 to 2 hours, while you will need up to 5 to 6 hours for more complex ones – like the seated lion. After a while you will have got the hang of it and be able to build your Maniac much faster than at the beginning. We also send you a free test sample with every order so that you can try the first steps without being afraid to do so.

We gladly take your suggestions, ideas and proposals into the development process of our new Maniacs.
But keep in mind, that it may take a few weeks to get from the initial idea to the finished model in our shop.
If you want to make a suggestions, please get in touch and contact us via:

Sure! Just send us a mail and we will tell you our wholesale-discounts.

No problem, just contact us via
and we will answer you as fast as possible.